Three Essential Guidelines for Protecting Your Clear Dental Aligners

Posted on: 19 July 2021

If you are looking for an ideal solution for correcting your crooked teeth, discuss the clear aligner options with your dentist. In general, clear aligners such as Invisalign are beneficial in treating dental malocclusion because of their appearance. Unlike traditional braces, these trays are transparent and unobtrusive. If you choose this treatment, your teeth will be realigned without the awkwardness of metal brackets on your teeth.

Keep in mind that the aligner trays are relatively delicate in structure and vulnerable to damage. Moreover, the custom treatment is quite costly. Therefore, you must protect the aligners from compromise during the usage period to promote smooth dental correction and prevent additional costs. Here are the most critical guidelines to remember for proper usage and maintenance of your clear dental aligner trays.

Remove While Eating

The most important usage guideline for dental aligners is removal during meals. These trays are designed and made to enclose the teeth for effective realignment. Unfortunately, this makes them unsuitable for use while chewing. If you keep the trays on, their surfaces will sustain damage from chewing. Also, the clarity of the material will decline. Discoloured or stained aligners will no longer be invisible. Additionally, food will be trapped on the teeth, increasing the risk of plaque build-up. Over time, you will experience problems like periodontal disease and cavities. You can avoid these issues by removing the aligners before eating and cleaning your mouth before putting them on again.

Place in Dental Case

Avoid leaving your dental trays in an exposed manner after removal. For instance, some users place the trays on a napkin while eating. This practice is unfavourable because the risk of accidental damage and breakage will increase. The loss of aligners will necessitate the customisation of a new product. Moreover, when the aligners are exposed, they will experience contamination from external factors. Wearing them again without proper cleaning will increase the risk of contracting a disease. Therefore, use the provided dental cases for temporary storage.

Avoid Harsh Products

Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the appearance and safety of your dental aligners. Therefore, plan for this task when brushing your teeth for the best results. When cleaning your new aligners, avoid using harsh products such as toothpaste on the devices. The abrasive nature of these types of materials will cause tray deterioration. Therefore, acquire a speciality cleaning product for aligners from your dentist or your local store. Alternatively, use a mild antibacterial soap for the task to minimise discolouration and damage. 

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