5 Things You Can Do While Wearing Invisalign

Posted on: 12 July 2021

Invisalign orthodontic treatment uses a series of custom-shaped aligners to gradually move teeth into better alignment. You should take these aligners out for meals and cleaning, but what about at other times? Read on to find out when you can wear your aligners and when it's best to take them out.

1. You Can Wear Your Aligners to Drink Water

Dentists recommend removing Invisalign aligners for meals, but it is fine to drink water while wearing them. As for other drinks, it is possible that they can stain the aligners, so you might prefer to take them out before enjoying a glass of wine or cup of tea. If you would rather not take your aligners out to drink other liquids, consider using a straw to limit contact between the liquid and your aligners.

2. You Can Wear Your Aligners to Shower and Bathe

There is no need to remove your aligners while you shower or enjoy a relaxing bath. In fact, the more time that you can spend wearing your aligners each day, the faster they can reposition your teeth, so it is a good idea to leave them in for bathing. Just don't forget to take them out and give them a clean while you brush your teeth.

3. You Can Wear Your Aligners to Swim

Some people wonder if they should take their aligners out before they go swimming, but really there is no need to do so. Aligners fit closely over your teeth, so they won't come out when you jump or dive into the water. Chemicals in the swimming pool water do not react with Invisalign plastic, so there is no need to worry about staining or other negative effects.

4. You Can Wear Your Aligners to Play Sports

Invisalign aligners are also tight-fitting enough to avoid shifting around when you play sports, so you can wear them to run, cycle, or take part in non-contact games. The only exception is that wearing a sports mouthguard over the top of Invisalign aligners can feel very bulky and uncomfortable, so you might need to take them out for contact sports. As long as you remember to put them back in after the game, this will not affect the effectiveness of your treatment.

5. You Can Wear Your Aligners to Kiss

Kissing while wearing aligners is no problem. They're smooth and don't move around easily, so it is unlikely that your partner will even notice that you are wearing them.